Rumexo Ltd was established in 2007 to provide consultancy and project management services to clients involved in the application of whole cell microbial, enzyme and biochemical products for clean-up of environmental contamination.   

We also design, manufacture and distribute bespoke and own-brand environmental cleaning solutions in partnership with our clients.  These are usually industry specific and to meet particular standards such as in selection of raw materials, performance characteristics, method of application and required certification. 

Our products span concentrates for onward manufacture to fully formulated, ready-to-use versions.  Our clients cover all sectors from large B2B operations in professional markets including facilities management companies, distributors, procurement companies, and as far as small end-users.

Today, Rumexo Ltd has corporate, SME and public sector clients in many industry sectors and on all continents each with their own waste treatment and cleaning challenges.  We offer our clients alternative solutions to meet compliance, reduce costs, improve operational efficiency, preserve valuable assets and ultimately enable them to exceed their clients’ expectations.


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