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Pond Relief Aquatic Product

Pond Relief contains only natural materials and is safe to use in ponds, lakes, lagoons, canals and marinas.

Pond relief is safe to use in bathing areas, but should not be used in potable water sources. Pond Relief is also suitable for use in brackish or salt water

Suitable for aquaculture and mariculture applications (fin fish, shrimp) but consult Rumexo for alternative specialty products.

A high specification microbial product intended for the biodegradation of organic materials in a variety of enclosed or slow moving water bodies. Such waste materials can include leaf litter, undigested fish food, fish faeces, bird and animal faeces. The bacteria in Pond Relief are selected for their ability to function at low temperature and bind soluble nutrients that favour the development of filamentous fungi and potentially pathogen bacterial species.

Microbial Products

Pond Relief
designed to treat the cause, not the effect, of pond maintenance problems.

Excessive algae growth results from easily available food sources – normally excess nutrients in the water. Pond Relief bacteria digest the excess nutrients before the algae, cutting off the algae’s food supply and controlling algae growth.

Pond Relief
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Chemical Products

OxyPlus BM350
Highly concentrated, multi-use liquid product designed to oxygenate anaerobic environments to re-establish the growth of aerobic bacteria. Can be used as an amendment to all waste water treatment applications, septic systems, aquaculture, grease traps, animal slurry treatments horticultural root zone applications and especially to delivery oxygen to in situ land remediation applications. pdf logo