Transportation Cleaning

Our range of transport cleaning and maintenance products comprise two broad categories: Interior cleaning products to deal with soil in high passenger traffic vehicles and exterior cleaning products for cleaning and maintenance of equipment, rolling stock chassis and engines.

In both cases products are designed to offer clients the highest possible cleaning performance at reasonable cost, improve cleaning efficiency, thus reducing labour cost, protect valuable assets, and protect workers and the environment from the consequences of using harsh traditional cleaning products.

Microbial Products

General Purpose Biocleaner (fragranced or unfragranced)
A unique ready to use liquid product combining high performance chemistry and natural micro-organisms that in combination offer an effective way of cleaning a wide variety of hard and soft surfaces. General Purpose Biocleaner is a safe and efficient all-in-one product for cleaning, deodorising, and removing stains from hard and soft surfaces.

Odour Neutraliser (fragranced or unfragranced)
Unique and highly effective ready to use product combining modern chemistry (with or without a pleasant fragrance) with a specialised blend of natural bacterial cultures. An effective odour counteractant instantly encapsulates the malodour molecule to render it undetectable whatever its source. This process is followed by the microbes sensing and adapting to the nature of soils and wastes from which further malodour may arise, thus preventing malodour formation at source. Should further malodour arise, the encapsulation process is repeated. A safe and efficient all-in-one product for deodorising, and removing the organic cause of the odour on both hard and soft surfaces.

Rumexo Bio-pillow
Designed to be used in single or multi-stage oil interceptors, drainage culverts, leachate lagoons, bilge tanks in marine and inland waterways ships and boats. Floating oils and fuels oils are naturally attracted to the absorbant polymer present in the pillows fibres. Specially selected microorganisms encapsulated in an inner pouch are activated in the presence of oils and water and certain micronutrients. These microorganisms are then capable of degrading a range of oils (linear alkyl chains and polyaromatic fractions), heavy and light fuels, diesel range organics, and BTEX compounds. Additionally, a very broad range of non-oily, organic materials are also degraded, giving an overall reduction in BOD or TOC. Binding and biodegradation of floating oils enables gas exchange between the air and liquor in the tank. This is important in avoiding mal-odour and even corrosion of metal tanks.

Chemical Products

Traffic Film Remover (alkaline)
Concentrated, highly alkaline, non-caustic TFR designed for high volume, rapid cleaning applications where turnaround time for vehicles is short. Excellent, low cost cleaning performance can be obtained without re-deposition of soils. pdf logo

Traffic Film Remover (neutral)
Modern bio-based detergent formulation containing cleaning chemistry that performs at neutral to slightly alkaline pH. The formulation is based on ultimately biodegradable surfactants that are proven not to further damage painted surfaces, plexi-glass screens, transfers and livery. When dry leaves a gloss finish. pdf logo

Concentrated, high performance general purpose cleaner designed for use on depot and garage floors and inspection pits. Low foam formulation is ideal for cleaner for manual application and via jet washers, scrubber driers and rotary cleaners.

Carriage Cleaner
Moderately foaming, caustic-free, BR R698-compliant exterior cleaner for train carriages. This product is highly buffered to ensure a constant alkaline pH when diluted to the required working concentration and ensures excellent cleaning performance. Also suitable as a traffic film remover for road vehicles including buses, lorries, vans and cars.

Acid Wash Gel
A unique blend of organic acids incorporating an iron removal chemistry. Formulated a viscous gel to ensure even coverage and long contact time following manual application. This product effectively removes iron and other mineral deposits and stains from rolling stock to leave a clean, streak free surface

Bogie Clean LF and HF
Industrial strength, caustic based degreasers for cleaning rail carriage bogies and similar heavy machinery and plant. This product is available in two versions, both are designed for the removal of grease, rust and carbon deposits from metal surfaces exposed to extreme operating conditions and severe weathering.
Bogie Cleaner LF is low foaming and designed for dip soak bath and parts washer applications. May also be used with ultrasonic baths and tunnel washers. Bogie Cleaner HF is high foaming and designed for manual deep clean application by high pressure jet washing.

Simple but effective ‘natural solvent solution’ for removing chewing gum. Formulated from an amalgam of natural solvents and amphipathic extracts of essential oils and into a thixotropic gel, this formulation can be used on both hard and soft surfaces.

Graffiti Remover
Heavy duty organic solvent based product for the removal of graffiti from a variety of hard surfaces and soft. Ideal solution for removing aerosol graffiti, crayon, felt tips, inks and paint. Suitable for use on vehicle paint (road and rail transport) as well as bare metal, glass (inc. windscreens), ceramic tiles and melamine. On stonework, brick, concrete, paving slabs and other porous surfaces. Also, on for some carpets, curtains, clothing, fabrics and upholstery.

MicroClean Ultra
Unique, micro-emulsion formulation for degreasing and cleaning hard surfaces. Highly versatile and ideal for institutional (kitchens) and industrial (machine parts) applications. The formulation combines bio-based surfactants and naturally occurring plant esters with traditional cleaning materials. The result is a highly water dilutable cleaner that includes the benefits both of excellent detergency (surfactant) and the pseudo-solvent action of the ester (alcohol/acid).

Screen Wash & Repair
Specifically designed for use on buses, trains and ships where visibility is reduced due to scratching, scoring and general abrasion of the surface. This unique formulation contains an excellent bio-based surfactant package to initially clean the soiled surface and remove all debris that will reduce repair of the surface. The formulation contains a smart polymer that cross links as the surfaces dry out. The polymer hardens and fills in any scratches. The polymer also has a built in hydrophobic property that reduces the contact time of water and prevents further scale formation.

Instant Shine
A waterless cleaner containing specialised blend of detergents amino functional silicones and silicone resins that chemically bond to a cleaned and dry glass, plexi-glass or painted surface. These polymers cross-link together within an hour of application and form a tough and durable barrier. Once cured the glass becomes water repellent and prevents re-deposition of soils and formation of salts and scale. The result is a high gloss, water repellent finish requiring fewer cleans of external surfaces. Offers protection to damage from other sources such as bird faeces and UV light. On internal surfaces such as windscreens this product reduces the formation of condensation, aids demisting and improves visibility.


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