Bioremediation Products

Below is a list of products recommended for the majority of bio-augmentation and bio-remediation applications. Correct handling and use of these products is required to ensure successful performance.

These products are suitable for both in situ and ex situ land remediation applications; deep soil and windrow treatments and for soil washing applications.

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Microbial Products

RBC 200
A special blend of microbial cultures selected and adapted to improve their ability to degrade oil and grease based wastes including light oils BTEX, surfactants, phenols and alcohols. Additional nutrients and additives enhance performance when required. This product is used for treating oily and fatty wastes and a variety of industrial and not-toxic chemical wastes, so is suitable for the chemical, petro-chemical industries as well as animal waste processing. This product is also effective in reducing odours due to grease build up in wastewater treatment plants and is able to treat filamentous bulking.

RBC 300
A special blend of microbial cultures selected and adapted to improve their ability to degrade complex chemical hydrocarbons from industrial processes, chemical and drug intermediates and some refinery wastes. Active on wastes containing ketones, alkanes, naphthalene, low molecular weight polyaromatics, solvents and recalcitrant COD.

RBC 400
A special blend of microbial cultures selected and adapted to degrade alkanes, complex polyaromatics and solvents. Highly effective on BTEX, DRO, phenols, sulphides and alcohols. This product can improve their ability to improve removal of toxic or difficult to degrade complex mixtures of organic compounds.

RBC Pro Super
A highly complex yet versatile consortium of bacteria and fungi to consider when faced with a difficult bio-augmentation or bioremediation application where conditions are harsh or treatment window is short.

Chemical Products

OxyPlus BM350
Highly concentrated, multi-use liquid product designed to oxygenate anaerobic environments to re-establish the growth of aerobic bacteria. Can be used as an amendment to all waste water treatment applications, septic systems, aquaculture, grease traps, animal slurry treatments horticultural root zone applications and especially to deliver oxygen to in situ, land remediation applications. pdf logo

Nutrient Mix
A special blend of micro and macronutrients to supplement total nutrient requirements of wastewater and other biological treatment systems. The product contains sources of carbon, nitrogen and phosphate to allow balanced microbial growth. .