Bio Security

Chemical Products

Rumexo Cleaner Disinfectant
A concentrated, multi-use cleaner and disinfectant intended for regular daily use in most hard surface cleaning applications. Independently tested to EN1276 with a 99.999% kill rate at 1:100 dilution under dirty conditions.

A dual action antimicrobial product combining affective amphoteric and Bi-guanide actives formulated in a viscous gel. This slowly dissolving gel is intended for prevention of biofilm formation in drains, chiller and freezer condensate lines, coils and all associated pipework

RBC Biotab
Slowly dissolving tablet intended for prevention of biofilm formation in drain and condensate lines. 

High Level Disinfection
For detailed information on high level disinfection in personnal care, cleaning and food application areas incorporating reactive barrier technology (RBT)
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