Professional Waste Water Treatment Products

Our range of waste water treatment products are designed primarily for aerobic municipal and industrial waste water treatment applications, but can also be used in the treatment of leachates, fracking backflow liquors, used water, settlement lagoons, oxidation ditches, condensates, trickle filters, biodiscs and biotowers and many similar liquid treatment applications. Products also contain facultative anaerobes so are suitable for low and zero oxygen environments.

The majority are powdered products comprising specific blends of selected microorganisms combined with micro and macro nutrients, essential minerals and biostimulants. Some products are available in bulk pails and others in water soluble sachets. Bioremedation devices such as Bio-pillows and Bio-Blocks contain these same bacteria although their chemical compositions are quite different.

Correct handing and use of these products is required to ensure successful performance. Please visit our Services section for information, guides and handy tools you can access on how best to use these products.

Microbial Products

RBC 100
Municipal Starter Pack (BOD, FOG, sludge red’n, start up and recovery)

A special blend of microbial cultures and additives designed specifically to significantly increase the biodegradation of typical municipal wastes and high grease build ups. This product is capable of degrading high concentrations of BOD, oil and grease, and common household chemicals. It can be used to improve settlement build flocs and stabilize activated sludge. It can be used to overcome high organic loading, and to help re-establish a healthy bacterial population after washout or toxic shock.

RBC 200
Light Industrial (surfactants, BTEX, alcohols, phenol, COD, leachates)
A special blend of microbial cultures selected and adapted to improve their ability to degrade oil and grease based wastes.  Additional nutrients and additives enhance performance when required.  This product is used for treating oily and fatty wastes and a variety of industrial and not-toxic chemical wastes, so is suitable for the chemical, petro-chemical industries as well as animal waste processing.  This product is also effective in reducing odours due to grease build up in wastewater treatment plants and is able to treat filamentous bulking.

RBC 300
Heavy Industrial (ketones, alkanes, naphthalene, polyaromatics, solvents, hard COD)
A special blend of microbial cultures selected and adapted to improve their ability to degrade complex chemical hydrocarbons from industrial processes, chemical and drug intermediates and some refinery wastes.

RBC 400
Refinery/Petrochemical (aliphatic hydrocarbons, polyaromatic, solvents, DRO, TPH, complex HC, hard COD)
A special blend of microbial cultures selected and adapted to degrade alkanes, and which is also highly effective on BTEX, DRO, phenol, polynuclear aromatics, sulphides, alcohols, and other similar solvents.  This products can improve their ability to improve removal of toxic or difficult to degrade complex mixtures of organic compounds.  At the same time the product improves settlement of biological solids, correct low or inconsistent MLVSS, and control foam due to incompletely degraded organics.

RBC 500
A special blend of Bacteria and fungi capable of degrading plant fibres
Used to degrade pulping wastes including high BOD, starchy wastes, tall oils, pine soaps, liquor spills, and cellulose. Particularly effective in kraft pulp and paper mills to overcome such adversities as periods of high influent loading, system start-up after mill shutdown, and unfavourable temperature conditions. This product can consistently improve BOD reduction and can assist in lignin degradation.

Food Processing (starch, cellulose, protein, BOD/COD) Ideally suited to treatment of fruit and vegetable processing, brewery and winery wastes and to overcome a variety of problems such as high influent loadings, system start-up and unfavourable temperature conditions. The product comprises microbial strains that can degrade starches, organic acids, vegetable fibres, sugars, alcohols and terpenes. This product can also prevent hydrogen sulphide production if used in aeration basins. PDF Icon

RBC Pro Super
All of the above, when the solution is unclear or when all else fails.

GT Powder
Designed for the treatment of FOG’s in grease traps and drain lines of small to medium sized restaurants, cafes and hotel kitchens. Also suitable for small municipal sewage treatment systems where FOG’s are problematic and a standard liquid bio-product is ineffective. The completely water soluble formulation contains a high FOG degrading bacterial strains and free lipase enzyme together with biostimulants. This product is available in 100g PVA sachets or in bulk powder form.

GT 10X
Used directly and applied via automated dosing this product is a convenient and cost effective treatment of FOG’s in small aerobic waste water treatment plants. PDF Icon

A fully water soluble biological product for the treatment of Domestic sewage and other household wastes.  Comprising a concentrated consortium of waste degrading bacteria and fungi with free enzymes and nutrients. The product is packed in a biodegradable cellulose film to give a dose controlled application.

Rumexo CWA
Designed to improve the quality of stored water intended for re-use such as recycled wash water, or used as a clean-up treatment prior to disposal. The easy-to-use liquid formulation contains a blend of bacteria specifically selected for their ability to degrade a wide range of organic materials found in used and stored water. These include oils, greases, organic debris, soap (and other detergents). A key feature of the formulation is that it contains a nascent stabilized oxygen donor that slowly releases oxygen following application. This has several benefits including reduction in malodours, stimulation of bacterial growth, reduction in metal corrosion and control of growth of unwanted microorganisms.

Rumexo Bio-pillow
Designed to be used in single or multi-stage oil interceptors, drainage culverts, leachate lagoons, bilge tanks in marine and inland waterways ships and boats. Floating oils and fuels oils are naturally attracted to the absorbant polymer present in the pillows fibres. Specially selected microorganisms encapsulated in an inner pouch are activated in the presence of oils and water and certain micronutrients. These microorganisms are then capable of degrading a range of oils (linear alkyl chains and polyaromatic fractions), heavy and light fuels, diesel range organics, and BTEX compounds. Additionally, a very broad range of non-oily, organic materials are also degraded, giving an overall reduction in BOD or TOC. Binding and biodegradation of floating oils enables gas exchange between the air and liquor in the tank. This is important in avoiding mal-odour and even corrosion of metal tanks.

Rumexo Bioblock/Biopuck
Solid product intended for slow release of emulsifiers, bacteria to degrade the FOG, and odour counteractants resulting in a continuous, low maintenance treatment. Available in three size options are proven to completely dissolve in 4-6 weeks to fit with common service or inspection cycles. All products in this series contain bacteria capable of degrading FOG. When combined with specific nutrients and slow release oxygen sources they can continue to break down FOG at the very low dissolved oxygen concentrations encountered in almost all drain line applications.

Chemical Products

OxyPlus BM350
Highly concentrated, multi-use liquid product designed to oxygenate anaerobic environments to re-establish the growth of aerobic bacteria. Can be used as an amendment to all waste water treatment applications, septic systems, aquaculture, grease traps, animal slurry treatments horticultural root zone applications and especially to delivery oxygen to in situ land remediation applications. pdf logo