Cleaning Products


Institutional and Professional Cleaning Products

Our Cleaning Products have been divided into two categories:

Microbial products based on specially selected, naturally occurring ‘Class 1’ bacteria belonging to the genus Bacillus. These bacteria adapt to their environment enabling them to degrade a broad range of waste materials. Bacterial activity is enhanced when combined with a modern, environmentally sensitive chemistry. The result is a range of clever cleaners that continue to work long after physical cleaning has stopped.

Chemical-only products manufactured from modern, bio-based materials as well as traditional chemistries to provide a range of mild to heavy duty cleaning options.

Both our chemical and biological ranges offer low cost in use benefits.

Microbial Products

General Purpose Biocleaner (fragranced or unfragranced)
A unique, ready-to-use liquid product combining high performance chemistry and natural micro-organisms that in combination offer an effective way of cleaning a wide variety of hard and soft surfaces. General Purpose Biocleaner is a safe and efficient all-in-one product for cleaning, deodorising, and removing stains from hard and soft surfaces.

General Purpose Biocleaner (10X)
A unique liquid concentrate combining high performance chemistry and natural micro-organisms that in combination offer an effective way of cleaning a wide variety of hard and soft surfaces. The result is a superior, environmentally-preferred solution to a wide range of cleaning applications.

GT Liquid Pub
Multi-strain bacterial solution specifically formulated to degrade fats, oils and greases (FOG’s) and other food wastes in the demanding environment of grease traps, drain lines, lift stations and wet wells, sewage pipes and small water treatment systems.

GT Liquid (10X)
Concentrated version of GT Liquid. Designed to be diluted to 1X concentration and repacked for onward sale, or can be used undiluted as a low volume/high concentrate in some applications.

GT Liquid (GTL)
A ready to use liquid can be own labeled ans sold on. A 1X concentration Multi-strain bacterial solution specifically formulated to degrade fats, oils and greases (FOG’s) and other food wastes in the demanding environment of grease traps, drain lines, lift stations and wet wells.

GT Powder
Designed for the treatment of FOG’s in grease traps and drain lines of small to medium sized restaurants, cafes and hotel kitchens. Also suitable for small municipal sewage treatment systems where FOG’s are problematic and a standard liquid bio-product is ineffective. The completely water soluble formulation contains a high FOG degrading bacterial strains and free lipase enzyme together with biostimulants. This product is available in 100g PVA sachets or in bulk powder form. .

Advanced, highly water dilutable microbial product for use in cleaning and degreasing a variety of porous surfaces such as concrete, brick and asphalt found in loading areas, hard standing, ballast, docks quays and platforms. Highly effective for wash-down of hard surfaces such as sealed concrete floors, decking and machinery. The inclusion of bacteria selected for their ability to biodegrade oily hydrocarbons makes this product an effective bioremediation tool.

Urinal Cubes/Blocks
Comprises the latest scale prevention chemistry and waste degrading bacteria. In contact with water this product is designed to provide a slow release of active ingredients into urinals to inhibit scale formation, eliminate malodour and reduce blockages in traps and pipework. In many circumstances a reduction in flush water usage is possible thus helping reduce costs. Formulated in an attractive teal blue colour with pleasant long lasting fragrance. PDF

Chemical Products

Toilet Cleaner 4-in-1 (clean, descale, prevent scale, biocidal action)
A Unique 4-in-1 bio-based product for cleaning, descaling and de-odourising of toilets and washrooms. The formulation cleans, descales, inhibits scale formation and contains a natural BPR compliant biocide. The viscous formulation is applied via an angle necked bottle and with its a pleasant fragrance and suitable for any institutional washroom application.

Toilet Cleaner HP (chlorine free, bleaching)
A neutral detergent cleaner containing non-chlorine bleaching agents for effective cleaning of most bathroom and washroom applications. The 3-in-1 action of cleaning, bleaching and de-odourizing ensures washrooms remain clean and sanitary.

MicroClean Ultra
Unique, micro-emulsion formulation for degreasing and cleaning hard surfaces. Highly versatile and ideal for institutional (kitchens) and industrial (machine parts) applications. The formulation combines bio-based surfactants and naturally occurring plant esters with traditional cleaning materials. The result is a highly water dilutable cleaner that includes the benefits both of excellent detergency (surfactant) and the pseudo-solvent action of the ester (alcohol/acid).

Non-caustic, low foaming, heavy duty alkaline product developed specially for use in food processing industries for the rapid removal of heavy deposits of fats, greases, oils, proteins, carbohydrates and burnt on residues from ovens, baking trays, heat exchangers and filling equipment. The product is safe to use on normally sensitive surfaces such as aluminium, brass or galvanised steel and will not cause corrosion. Ideal for use in abattoirs, meat, poultry and sea food production and processing. Cooked meat processing, bakeries, and confectioners

Lime Scale Remover (3X and 10X)
An advanced mineral acid replacement product designed for the effective removal of limescale and other scales in a variety of cleaning and maintenance applications. The product can also be used for stone and concrete cleaning for both professional and retail, home and garden use. It is also a safe and effective replacement for strong and corrosive mineral acids used in industrial applications

Clean & Bright
Highly concentrated and water dilutable cleaner containing waxes to seal and rejuvenate dull hard flooring. Designed to offer a cost effective cleaning solution for high volume use in high traffic areas such as airports, shopping malls and office complexes

Instant Shine
A waterless cleaner containing specialised blend of detergents, amino functional silicones and silicone resins that chemically bond to cleaned and dry glass, plexi-glass or painted surface. These polymers cross-link within an hour of application and form a tough and durable barrier. Once cured the glass becomes water repellent and prevents re-deposition of soils and formation of salts and scale. The result is a high gloss, water repellent finish requiring fewer cleans. This product also offers protection to damage from other sources such as bird faeces and UV light

A simple ‘natural solvent solution’ for the removal of chewing gum and a variety of other gum and adhesive residues.
Gum Solv can be used on a variety of hard and soft surfaces including:- Carpets, Curtains, seat fabric, Clothing, painted surfaces, carriages exterior and glass. Also, will remove chewing gum and other similar materials from hair and pet fur.

In addition to chewing gum, Gum Solv will remove::- Ball point pen ink (non-permanent dye), blue tack, blood, butter, contact adhesives (cellotape remnant) cream, candle wax, cooking oil, grease, glue deposits, gravy/sauces, motor oil, swarfe, correction fluid, lipstick (from clothes), oil, permanent marker, super glue, tar, wet paint, wax, shoe polish
DO NOT USE on non-vulcanized rubber, latex nor polycarbonates. Compatibility with any plastics should be tested prior to use.